Each individual is born with certain facial and bodily features, and almost everyone has insecurities regarding their physical appearence. While cosmetic surgery is an option, it is not always easy to decide whether or not to go for it. This decision turns into quite a dilemma, especially if the individual is a celebrity.

For celebrities, opting for cosmetic surgery is a difficult decision because they have to consider the pros and cons that a common man has to consider, as well as take things in perspective, keeping in mind their celebrity status.

The benefits of anyone getting their features modified are twofold. If the cosmetic surgery is fruitful, then physical benefits of course are that the individual looks more attractive and appealing. Secondly if the results turn out to be as good as imagined or expected, then it definitely results in a huge confidence boost. For a celebrity these benefits translate into an increase in fan base because a celebrity who looks even better than she used to is definitely going to get more attention. The celebrities performance will improve drastically too because of increased confidence. Furthermore, the fact that a famous celebrity underwent rhinoplasty or had a facelift is likely to make the news irrespective of whether it looks good or not. For example, American actress, Uma Thurman (most known for her performance in the film Kill Bill) reportedly had her eye bags removed (known as lower blepharoplasty treatment) as well as having dermal fillers in her jaw line. Her new look was not well received by her fans, yet she was the talk of the town because of her surgery. Any publicity is good publicity.

Concerns for all, irrespective of celebrity status, include the risk of complications. Experts warn all prospective clients of cosmetic surgery, that there are various mishaps which may occur during the surgery or as a result of the surgery, such as infections, excessive bleeding, nerve damage, an acute reaction to anesthetics, permanent facial numbness, paralysis, scars, blood clots, just to name a few. A major health concern is that pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease etc. may increase the risk of complications.

Additionally, the results of the procedure may not always turn out to be what one had envisioned and this could lead to a decrease in self-esteem as opposed to the desired confidence boost. Celebrities are likely to face a lot of backlash from the public if they end up looking undesirable and unattractive. Furthermore, in the case of movie stars they may actually be offered fewer roles because of all the negative publicity. An amusing drawback could be if an actor is offered more and more negative roles or that of evil characters.

Lastly, a celebrity may lose all those fans who believe in natural beauty, irrespective of how good he/she may look after the cosmetic treatment.