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Hag’s body was discovered in the forest by Kynak at the end of his journey up the Longfall Canyon. He is mentioned at the beginning of this page, but is likely just a placeholder for the rest of the book.

Dying a sad man [ edit ]

Hag’s body was found in the forest in Morrowind when he was around 10 years old.

Sometime during this time, the town of Kynak, known simply as “The Garden,” was in a state of desolation. It was the last place Kynak had ever known, though there was another, smaller, town in the northwest. Though the city had been rebuilt as a sanctuary for the dead of the war and the Ebon Blade was released after all of Morrowind had been lost, there were still many residents. Kynak was known for not doing much in the way of living and when its citizens died, it fell into ruin.

One day during the funeral of the slain Kynak, he was buried with his body buried nearby. The graveyard was filled with blood. The gravesmen said that a great figure walked past, a young man named Hag who was still alive. It came to the attention of several of the villagers, who said that Hag was Hag, one of their closest citizens: She had gone missing when they ran into the town. They found Hag lying on the ground, not a day before. After being taken home with more information, a friend of the man’s passed on the night of the funeral, and when they went home, they found it dead.

He was in the village at this time.

Named after an old priestess, Kynak was named after an ancient dragon. However, he was the dragon to Hag, who the other villagers had said was