An Adelaide to Melbourne Road trip is one of the best Australian Road trips you can do. Over two weeks, I spent roughly 500 AUD, which worked out to be about $280 on petrol (split between three of us in a Subaru Forester), $150 on food, $12 on national parks entries, $17 on a hostel room in Fremantle and the remainder on coffee, well deserved drinks when we got to Fremantle and other bits (including an ‘I crossed the Nullarbor’ sticker for my car – essential purchase).

With our normal great ocean roadTours Ocean Road tours and also our reverse tour the normal pick up time is around 7.15am, where as the sunset tour your pick up will be around 11 am. So whether you’re battling with jet lag, struggle with sleep or just like to visit Melbourne’s world famous bars to the early hours, the sunset tour will allow you to get those extra of couple hours vital sleep.

Parking at the 12 apostles is very easy, there is a large parking lot across the road, from here you are lead under the road (in a short tunnel) that comes out on the other side to the 12 apostles, there are 2-3 different viewing platforms and an be very busy no matter what time of the year it is. We went in July, it was wet and windy and there were still a heap of people there, I can’t imagine what it would be like on a nice sunny summery day.

For an extra adrenalin rush, a Zipline Tour takes thrill seekers zooming through the air for two and a half hours, stopping at a series of “cloud stations.” You can combine this experience with seeing the sites on the 12 Apostles and Otway Ziplining Day Trip from Melbourne This 13-hour excursion includes hotel pickup and all entrance fees and activities.

As the majority of track conditions are rocky, tough going, first-timers can rest easy by booking a tour that encompasses only however many days they see themselves physically able to tolerate ‘ itineraries are available that range from as short as 3 day introductory samplers focusing on a few highlights, all the way up to an epic 16-day gruelling end-to-end trek that runs the entire spectrum of terrain types and tracks conditions.