A lifted Land Rover just like the Discovery is a vehicle that has had the ride height raised using an aftermarket lift kit (versus a real OEM off-roading kit or accessory). A lifted Land Rover Discovery affords benefits for off-roading and more:

Higher ground clearance

Higher departure angle for big rocky obstacles and steep climbs

Sturdier springs, for softer landings on rough terrain

Allows additional room for bigger tires

Higher visibility in heavy traffic when you are on paved roads

Find out about lift kit options and Land Rover Discovery specs at Land Rover Paramus, and get in touch with your native approved Land Rover retailer if you have any questions!


Available lift kit options will differ relying on the construction of the vehicle you’ve, as well because the type of off-roading you wish to do round Saddle River and beyond.

Body lift kits — body kits are typically less pricey and easier to put in than suspension lift kits

Suspension lift kits — often require changing a number of parts of the vehicle, together with the shocks/struts, leaf springs, management arms, trailing arms, and more. Nevertheless, many off-roaders say benefits like more suspension articulation and allowance for bigger tires make it price it.

There are also many types of suspension lift kits, including leaf spring lift kits, rear suspension lift kits, entrance suspension lift kits, or lift kits that lift both the entrance and rear suspension.


The 2020 Land Rover Discovery comes with a coil suspension. Before you pick a lift kit to your vehicle know these specs to see how much more lift you want:

Wade depth – 33.5 inches

Approach angle – 29°

Ramp angle – 22.2°

Departure angle – 27°

If you’d like a more advanced Land Rover Discovery, you can upgrade to an electronic air suspension so you’ll be able to adjust the ride height with the push of a button. This four-corner air suspension means you would possibly decide you don’t even want to buy a lift kit. More in regards to the Land Rover Discovery digital air suspension:

Add it a part of a bundle to the Discovery SE or HSE trims

Get it as a standard feature on the Discovery Landmark or HSE Luxury trims

The system can raise automatically for sure Terrain Response® settings

The Off-Road 1 setting lifts the Discovery 40mm (1.57 inches) above regular height

The Off-Road 2 setting lifts the Discovery 75mm (2.ninety five inches) above regular height

Above speeds of 50 mph, the suspension will go back to regular height

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