The Saturday, March 9 Powerball drawing is the ninth drawing since Virginia Powerball winner Dave Honeywell won $217.2 million on Feb. 6. The Powerball jackpot has been growing steadily until it reached tonight’s amount of $150 m.

Bruckner said he was visiting relatives with his wife Middle Island when he purchased the ticket on a last-minute shopping trip. Bruckner emptied all $26 in his wallet perform for significant jackpot, said CBS. Although ticket was worth a staggering $208,000,000 annuity, they chose the cash instead, which was still an impressive $101,000,000 after Uncle Sam got his mits regarding winnings!

The next Mega Millions drawing is scheduled for August 2, 2013, at 11 r.m. EDT. Friday’s estimated jackpot is $13 annuity, or $9 cash-value before taxes. Mega Millions winning numbers are drawn Tuesday and Friday evenings at 11 l’ordre de.m. EDT at WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia. Tickets are available in 42 states plus the District of Columbia and also the U.S. Virgin Islands and mega live casino price $1 each. Another $1 for the Megaplier option could greatly multiply your prize winnings!

Mega Millions tickets can be found at most convenience stores and local supermarkets nationwide. According to Mega Millions lottery officials, “you choose six Mega Millions numbers and can be a nine exciting ways november 23 in video game. If you are a mega888 win money winner, all of it . the pick of a cash option or perhaps annual commission. The annuity option provides annual payments over a 26-year menstrual period. For every $1 million in the jackpot, you’ll have receive approximately $38,500 every year before taxes.” Tickets cost $1 each, and another $1 for the Megaplier option which could instantly multiply your prize winnings.

BREAKING NEWS: There weren’t any Mega Millions winning jackpot tickets sold for the February 15 drawing. The subsequent jackpot seem worth about $26 million annuity, or $19 million cash-value for that February 19 drawing.

I still find it a bit ironic nevertheless. We, as human beings, are so quick to throw in a dollar or two for scratch-off tickets or participate on a cubicle pool, which all clearly winnings unintentionally. The statistics are out there that show how unlikely it is usually you will actually be a visit. But we do so anyway. We throw several bucks advertising online and optimism a miracle. What we don’t put our money on though is our religious. So many people can write-off Christianity as an ancient system of beliefs with regard to no longer applicable right now. Yet, when presented i’m mega casino able to facts, the chance that the Bible is true and God is who He says He is, it’s in excess of what just chance.

If nobody wins Saturday’s Powerball jackpot, it could likely reach $300 million by the subsequent drawing. What would you buy with all that money when end up being the March 16 Powerball jackpot winner? The sky’s the limit. You could buy anything your heart desires!

The Rhode Island lottery winner could have a decision to make now. Is he going to or she keep take the $60,000,000 annuity option to get paid in 30 annual payments, insects one-time cash option of approximately $37,059,913? It is a tough choice, but someone’s got to find a deal!