Get the height you need with lifted suspension

Adding a suspension Lift Kit to your 4WD let’s you enhance your tyre size and grab that additional ground clearance wanted to tackle rutted trails, creeks and sand tracks by means of to building and construction sites.

Earlier than you purchase a Lift kit there are a few things price considering to assist ensure you get the right balance of lift, comfort and handling. Unless you are one of many fortunate few who truly can spend most of their break day road escaping the each day grind, then your 4WD also must be a fairly comfortable on road metropolis-driver as well.

Choosing the proper Lift Kit on your driving needs

There are a couple of basic considerations in purchasing a Lift kit, do the thinking now and you’ll have a greater probability of getting what you need within your budget.

Your Vehicles factory suspension specifications and set up.

What your Vehicle will primarily be used for (Primary Off Road Recreation, Excessive Off Road, Fixed load, Haulage or Towing).

Your primary use might affect the amount of lift you need, Eg: A repeatedly loaded up ute or wagon may require rear three inch lift and a couple of inch lift front, to stage out.

The increase in Tyre Dimension you need to achieve, this is a significant factor within the quantity of lift you will require.

Pros and Cons of Suspension Lift kits

Modifying your 4X4’s factory specs with a Lift kit will permit you to fit bigger Tyres to achieve more traction and ground Clearance. It’s also important to consider what sacrifices you could have to make to your general ride and comfort, there’s generally some trade off required.

Suspension Lift Kit Pros

Suspension Lift kits can deliver 2″ inch, 3″ inch, four” inch, 5″ inch and 6″ inch lift. (50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm Lift respectively)

Suspension Lift kits let you significantly improve your Tyre size.

Elevated Tyre size means things, more traction and ground clearance (Oh, and a few folks think they appear cooler as well).

The ability to tackle rutted, rockier, wetter or sandy tracks is the number one benefit of a Lift kit.

Overall driving visibility is mostly increased out of your vehicle sitting higher on the road.

Suspension Lift Kit Cons

Consider how you’ll really feel (or your loved ones) often climbing out and in of your vehicle.

Get the height you genuinely need, any more and you might unnecessarily feel like a mountain goat!

General ride comfort (and handling) will likely be compromised by various degrees compared to factory set up.

The higher you go, the more you will improve your 4 wheel drive’s heart of gravity, increasing the risk of roll over.

Ultimately the suspension configuration of your vehicle will decide whether you need just Coils or a mix of each Coils and Springs. Regardless of the type of suspension, it is essential to get a lift kit that suits your driving needs and the appropriate balance of performance, comfort and handling. If your vehicle additionally runs on Torsion bars then they are often simply adjusted to grab some extra front-end height.

What parts are included in a Lift Kit?

Lift Kits can differ from just the fundamentals corresponding to Springs and Shocks (although many additionally embody related Bushes) by to the more complete Kits that can additionally embody quite a lot of suspension parts corresponding to Steering Damper, Panhard Rods, Sway Bar Links, Bump Stops, Transmission Spacers, U-Bolts, Shackles and Prolongable Brake Hoses.

A primary Coil Spring Lift Kit should come with Shock Absorber and Coil Spring sets

A comprehensive Coil Spring Lift Kit should include Shock Absorber and Coil Spring sets, Panhard rods, Caster bushes, Prolonged Brake hoses

A fundamental Leaf Spring Lift Kit should come with Leaf Spring and U-Bolt units

A complete Leaf Spring Lift Kit should include Leaf Spring an U-Bolt units, Spring and Shackle bushes

Torsion Bars ought to include strengthening brackets and fixings

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