mark zukerberg discovered the facebook in 2004 .the first name of facebook is “The Facebook”.

Is their a person name molly leaver?

There Is On Facebook !

When you report underage children on Facebook. Does Facebook keep your name private or do they tell that person who reported them?

No it does not. The only person who knows who reported them is you and the Facebook employee who is revewing the report.

What does it mean on Facebook when you can no longer find a person?

Facebook uses a simple Search feature. When a person is a member, their User Name is automatically added to that Search database on Facebook. This database is also used in Google searches, such as if you use the search term Facebook+User Name. If you can no longer find that specific person in the Facebook Search database, the person may have: บาคาร่าออนไลน์ Changed their User Name Deleted /closed their account completely. For example, a parent of a…

Fine a person on Facebook?

Type their name in to the search bar.

Can you change your name in FarmVille?

no, your name is your name in facebook ,but you can change your gender and hair by clicking on your person

Is the person who invented facebook Canadian?

No, His Name is Mark Zuckerburg and he is from the USA.

Is cheryl cole on Facebook?

Cheryl Cole is on Facebook her account name is : Cheryl Tweedy-Cole: i hope you found my answer helpfull.

How do you put your hometown on Facebook search?

Simply go to Facebook search by city’s page , type the name and city name of the person and click search button

Where can you find classmate Donnie Garner South Gwinnett class 1962?

You can try search the person on Facebook, After you logged in to your Facebook account then go to Facebook classmate search, simply type the person name, school name, year of graduate and click search button.

How do you search people on facebook?

There are several search tools on Facebook that you can use to find people. You can find people by their name, by email or by family name but generally Facebook people search can be found at the related link below.

Does Tom Felton use his own name in facebook?

This is not currently known. It is thought that he operates his own fan page on Facebook, but it is not known the account he operates under. Many celebrities, if they have a Facebook (many more do not), will use a fake name so as not to be found by anyone they don’t wish to be found by.

Name of a person in Mexico?

Facebook or any other social networking site.

What is a Facebook name?

A facebook name is the name of a facebook user (Example: Jane Doe)

How do you tell if someone has a Facebook if you don’t have a Facebook?

You can do a syntax search which looks like this with Google: facebook:first and last name OR just search the name of the person and Facebook page (if they have one) should be in the first 30 results. You must have a Facebook profile to connect with them though.

Is there a person called Michael Keltie?

Yes, there is a person that exist with such name as Michael Keltie. He has an account on Facebook and แทงบอลออนไลน์ LinkedIn.

How do you add people on Facebook?

Search for the person by typing in their name in the search box at the top of the facebook page. Then click add as a friend, on their page.

Can you find Facebook page from Mafia Wars name?

no because the page only shows the game page of the person not the personal profile in Facebook.

What is frape?

When a person leaves their Facebook logged in and somebody posts humiliating posts and messaging people, ‘raping’ their Facebook profiles as the name suggests

Who did Jesse eisenberg portray in the social network and which website did that person co-found?

He portrayed Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook

What is your name on Facebook?

Your name on facebook is your real, actual name.

How do you find some one on Facebook?

you search for their name but i don find the person when i spell it

How do you get a blue name in your status on facebook?

its when some one types in a name that’s EXACTLY the way that person has it on there profile.

Fanskc on Facebook?

You will found Fanskc on Facebook if you search for it.

Zelig litvak – is he on facebook?

Unfortunately, there is no Zelig Litvak that is showing up on the Facebook search feature. Maybe the person goes by a different name.

How so you tag someone on facebook status from Android phone?

It is possible to tag people from the Facebook mobile app on android phone. To tag a person in a status, a person just needs to type the name of the person and press Enter, and the person will be tagged in the status.


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